Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014

Loving The Mother

My beloved sisters, friends and amazing teachers are coming again to Europe this fall. Talking about AHIMSA, non violence, we are doing great in not using animal products, buying local and avoiding certain materials - there is one more topic we tend to not think of, we think it is to private to discuss, ask and be shared, all of us have been to at least one until today - CHILDBIRTH. contemplate this: *PEACE* starts at the very beginning. Being born into a peaceful, relaxed environment, without stress, fears and obscurities will create responsible  and loving beings. Gentle birth will heal the world.
Face your personal fears and heal them with this fantastic ladies. Lucky me - I met them in Greece last september ♥
In 2014 you get the change to meet them in Spain, Italy or Greece.
for more information please visit:

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