Dienstag, 17. September 2013

Marti Poppins’ Footage! with a big shout out to my Gurusito!

This summer i remembered how to
-       - dance with inhearable music
-       - play air guitar
-       - bake with sand
-       - celabrate without reasons
-       - to love unconditionally

On my mission to find true LOVE I found myself watching a little big boy this summer. I taught him my language he taught me much more important things. Honestly, there were some days where I thought I have the hardest job in the world and this kid wants me to run off to the dessert an hide ....we had our struggles, me and him, until I decided to introduce to him „little M“, my inner child, sweet, wild and innocent, not interested in any adults opinion and always ready to share a good laugh.
This morning he dressed himself, he wore 2 Bar ca socks, one denim slipper and a white tennis shoe on the other foot, I fell in love imediately. A man with style, little M thought.
We went to the playpark and sat down in the sand, „let’s bild a mountain“ the boy invited me to play with him, I felt so charmed! „ for dinosaurs!“ we indulged into this project, built a forrest! A garage? And a railway? Of course.
A girl came by, around 3 or 4, and started a conversation, i did not understand her well, but she seemed serious about the topic so she had my full attention. I asked her if she wanted to help building our Jurrasic Montserrat. She sat down. Meanwhile my buddy went off to chase pigeons.

„where is your Dad?“ she wanted to know
„my Dad is in heaven.“
„where is your Grandma?“
„my Grandma is in heaven, too – you know, I’m a lot older than you, and this is different....“ I added kind of clueless.
„NO!“ she said, in an absolute convinced manner „-no“.
And I’m sure she saw the little girl which was comming to the parc this morning instead of a woman in her mid 30ies.

Time is relative. LOVE is infinite.


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