Dienstag, 10. September 2013

When LOVE hits you – you feel no pain!

HA! It is all there!!
Lucky me I went to this talk.
Thank you Andrei Ram for reminding me!
Nothing new - nobody can reinvent the truth, and so I’m back on the mat!

How could I ever doubt on LOVE?

I tell you what happend.....after a rollercoaster ride, I felt safe, I felt like I brought the ship to the marina and could leave it there with no futher attention.


Tamas came over it and the ship started to rot....
Day by day it got harder to acess, till I lost my interest.


So whats the plan? Whats the desire? The one and only desire?
- To rebild the ship!
The ship called LOVE.
1 captain, no crew.
Rebild the ship, to be able to surf the waves of human crazylazyfrightenedness.

And I promise to myself I will polish it, practice it, share it, live it, cultivate it and never ever doubt it again.

My alarm rang at 5.30am today, I took my blanket and set down.
30 days challenge.

10 x   5min
  5 x 10min
  2 x 30min

In one month we talk, join the process, join the conversation!


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