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PEACE food 4 the caravan of consciousness vol.II

saturday's menu

today’s green smoothie:

Spinach, swisschord, zucchini hearts, mint, ginger, water

4 lunch we had:


This is a traditional greek main dish, but tastes also delicious as a sidedish of steamed vegetables. The amounts in the recipe are meant for 2 persons as a maindish or for 4 persons as a side dish.

what you need:
1kg fresh spinach
2 chopped onions
225ml tomatoesauce
500ml water
3 tablespoons fresh dill or 1 tbsp dried dill
1 tbsp fresh parsley
salt, peper
1 tbsp whole cumin
100g (brown) rice
olive oil

find a big pot and put it on the fire, first roast the whole cumin, than add olive oil, next step, add the onions and fry them until they look glaced. Add the rice and stir until all they rice looks oily and moist. Add water. Put a lid on the pot and turn the heat down. Now start washing the fresh spinach, if the leaves are really huge break them, otherwise leave them as they are, to keep the energy and the taste in until you start chewing them.
Taste the rice. When it is almost as soft as you like it add the tomatoesauce and start adding the spinach, stir carefully. Add more water if needed, the end result is not a soup though. Let your Spanakorizo rest for 5 minutes. Finally add the fresh herbs and sprikle fresh lemon juice on top before serving.

Spanakorizo is one of the reasons why I keep going back to greece. Btw if you don’t have spinach, use beetroot leaves, if you don’t have rice, use whole spelt.

Green salad with sundried tomatoes and avocado dressing.

For the dressing put 1 avocado into your blender, add olive oil, seasalt, peper, lemonjuice and and blend. Pour the sauce over the salad right before serving and use both of your hands to mix it with your fresh greens.

Spelt bread with raisins, walnuts and curcuma

What you need:
500g Spelt flour
25g yeast
300 ml warm water
0,5 teaspoon seasalt
handfull sundried tomatoes

Mix water with salt and yeast, add the spelt flour, the raisins nuts and a half a teaspoon of curcuma. Now use your hands to knead the dough until it seperates from the bowl. Add more flour in case the mass is too liquid.
Let it rest over night.
Put the dough into a baking form and bake it at 200° for about 40-45 minutes. Let it rest in the oven for 10 more mintues and take it out of the form to cool down.

For dinner we had:

Red lentils soup with coco 

plus guess what......corinader  (for 2-3)

What you need:
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 onion
2-3 garlic pieces
1 tbsp ground koriander
1 teaspoon chilli
1 tsp curry powder
1 tsp curcuma
175g red lentils
225ml tomatoesauce
400ml coconutmilk
300 – 400ml vegetable buillon or water

Roast garlic and onions until they look glossy and slightly brown. Add spices, roast them briefly and add the lentils. Stir until the lentils look oily. Add tomatoesauce, coconut milk and water or buillon, now let it cook once on high heat and then turn the heat down and let the soup boil until the lentils are soft. Sprinkle fresh coriander on top before serving or decorate with fresh grated peper.
Now how easy is that??
This is one of the dishes which tastes even better the next day, so make sure you prepare enough! If it gets too thick simply add water and stir.

Green salad with alge dressing

Soak or rinse your alges, depending on which kind you use (dry or fresh)...
Put them into your blender and add fresh lemonuice and water, blend until smooth. Pour over the green salad and add cherry tomatoes and/or yellow peppers.

Millet burgers

250g millet
1 carrott (or use the left over carrott hearts from yesterdays raw pasta!!)
fresh parsley
olive oil

cook the millet until it gets really soft and sticky, slightly overcooked if you wanna name this consistency. If the millet is still „al dente“ it won’t stick together when you start frying it. Let it cool down and give it a massage, aim for even more stickyness by literally squeezing it through your hands, smash it completely, this way you don’t need to add anything else to shape your burgers. Add the carott pieces and the chopped parsley. Now start rolling little balls with this mass, about the size of an apricot, and make sure your hands are wet. This way the balls stay seperate and the mass doesn’t stick on your hands. Heat oil in a frying pan, flaten your millet balls and put them into the hot oil, fry them until golden brown and beautiful.
What comes along perfectly well with them is:

Cashew Salsa 

thanks Sian!!

What you need:
150g cashews
lemon juice
1 piece of garlic
olive oil
salt, pepper

Take a handfull of cashewnuts and put them with water, a drop of lemon juice, garlic and oil into your blender, blend until smooth and add salt or pepper if needed, this is supposed to be a creamy sauce, so start with little liquid and add more if needed.

Woahhhh – and finally: the triple brown raw morishness

what you need:
200g medjiool dates
1 banana
200g grated nuts
juice of half lemon
4 tablespoons tahini
4 tbsp raw chocolate or carob powder

1st. layer: blend the dates with the nuts and lemon juice, not too long, and add the juice carfully and not all at once, the mass should be more sticky than liquid. Find a nice dish and spread the mass in it.

2nd. layer: smash the banana with a fork, mix it with tahini and chocolate powder (no blender needed). Spread it over the first layer. Put your raw dessert now into the fridge and let it cool for a couple of hours. Yes, hours!! The bottom will be nice and firm and the topping sweet and chewy after a good rest!


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