Dienstag, 25. Juni 2013

PEACE food for the caravan of consciousness III.

Sunday's menu
today’s smoothie:
spinach, green salad, coriander, candelope, water, lemon juice
4 lunch we had:

Apple/fig/tofu salad with mint (for 2)

A refreshing, delicouse salad which will feed you good and leave you with a full, but light belly. Be carfeul, this salad is seriously addictive, especially during the summer months.

what you need:
150g tofu, nature
1 big red sour apple
6 dried figs
2 tablespoons fresh mint
juice of half orange
juice of 1 lemon
olive oil

please, cut the tofu into cubes of about thumb nail size. Slice the figs and put both ingredients into a large bowl. Prepare a dressing of fresh orange and lemon juice, olive oil, water, pour this mix over tofu and figs and let it soak for a few hours till the figs are soft and release their sweet juice.
Cut the apples into junks and add them to the salad, before serving sprinkle fresh copped mint over it and place it on a bed of green salad.

Caroline’s freestyle surpRICE (for 2)

once upon a time....two women cooking together in a man’s kitchen, checking his cupboards for ingredients, sharing a good time and a glass of Rioja. This is freestyle cooking, using what is there and happy with it, Santosha and Love as main ingredients...
So start chopping your onions and see where you end, this is what Caroline came up with:
(and the freestyle-iest part of all is, that C was not even remembering what she cooked when I told her about pushlishing her recipe, anyway, thanks again*)

What you need:
100g brown rice
1 onion
half cup of raisins
almonds cut into sticks
¾ cup coconut milk or homemade nutmilk (the sideproduct of todays walnutcheeze, for example)
olive oil
seasalt, pepper
shredded coconut

start boiling the rice, add less wate ras you would normaly do, when the water is almost gone and the rice still needs liquid, add the coconut milk or your homemade nutmilk. Your are aiming for a risottolike, moist cosistency (not too dry but neither like a soup).
Slice the onion into rings or half rings and fry them in coconut oil, when the onions start to get glossy add raisins, almonds, sea salt and pepper, roast this mixture and stir it under the coco rice. Eventually add shredded coconut to soak up more liquid and to give the rice more crunch.

red cabbage salad with alfalfa sprouts

red cabbage seeems to be on season all year long, all over europe, so why not make friends with this vitamin C bomb and massage it into a sweet and crunchy salad....
what you need:
1 small red cabbage head
1 orange
olive oil
1/5 fennel
1/5 teaspoon whole cumin

chopp the cabbage and the fennel into long, thin stripes. Pour fresh orange juice and oilve oil over them, add a little bit of fresh water, cumin and salt, now massage this mixture, stir it good, so the dressing gets on the veggie stripes from all sides, repeat this procedure at least one more time before serving. By soaking the cabbage it gets nice and soft, softness depending on how long you can wait before enjoying J

Bliss Balls

Imagine, you prepared some raw cake for your friends, and beause you had so much other raw goodies on your buffet they did not finish all of the dessert....just mix the mass of the raw cake again, add nutty junks, or raisins, fresh mint leaves and raw chocolate. Now make sure you have a bowl of water ready and start rolling little balls with your hands. About the sice of a big cherry. Keep your hands moist and keep rolling. Before putting the Bliss Balls back to the fridge roll them in shredded coconut to make them look good and keep them seperate!

What you need:
soaked figs and nuts
raw chocolate or carob powder
fresh chopped mint
shredded coconut


yesterdays raw cake...

bliss balls stay deliciouse for 3 to 4 days, they are ideal as breakfast to go, or as a little energy boosting snack.

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