Mittwoch, 9. April 2014


Happiness is a decision.
Love is a decision.

Love is not breakfast delivered to bed on a sunday morning or hot sex, this is fallen in love. True love starts when it becomes unconditional. What a word. We know what it means, yes, but how to practice it, do we know that??

There is this meditation technique where you send love to your fam. and friends, easy. Than you send love to your baker, the cashier in the supermarket, your coiffeur....people you do not actually know but still interact with, easy. I mean anyway they work for us and help us, do something useful and helpful for us. 3rd love export goes out to humanity, love to the people, easy. Since we want to live in peace; most of western civilisation for sure.

So than send love to someone who keeps you on distance, there is this game....I think we all where playing it at least one time during our adult lifes, it goes like – I love you, if you love me. Conditions, expectations, requirements, a lot to deal with and so easy as long you are on cloud seven. So welcome to reality. Are you brave enough to surrender to love, to rip this chest open and be vulnerable? Yes! Congrats. This is the way to be free. Just love. Give love without limits. And if the other does not want this? Take a step back and love, love the same way.

This is the answer. This is the way.


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