Dienstag, 15. Januar 2013


Her first date since about a hundred years..... 
His strategy worked. 2 weeks he keept her waiting and interested by sending little sweet messages to bond her mind, without getting to close. Excactly the right dose.
She wanted more but then she might have lost her interest pretty soon, he was in charge. Finally the day of their meeting began to dawn.

20.15h, she’d prefer 20.30h he 20h. Politely, they met in the middle. She could have used more time since she was planing to attend a Mysore class, to find release after a long day at work. To sweat, to empty the brains. 

Ashtanga should help, Ashtanga always did. Incl. Showering etc. she would be walking out of the studio, elegant, relaxed and beautiful at 20.30h. But no. It had to be 20.15h. And no veto, she likes his dominat, sexy looks.

The lesson would start at 18.15h. She is at the studio early enough to be in no rush at all. No need for that tonight. 
„I’d like to attend the next lesson, can I drop in?“ a rhetoric question, she assumes and digs for her wallet. 
„Sorry“ the receptionist answers „it’s full“ 
„WHAT?“ her again, probably a bit too desperate, the innocent receptionist opens her eyes widely.
„Have a seat“ she says „ if someone doesn’t show up you can go in“. 
OMG. She was relying on this class, she needs to exploit, this is important, really important tonight.
Chitta Vrittis. Monkeys dancing in her brains.

She’s waiting. Searching for another studio in town on her smartphone. She should know better, should have made an reservation for the class, this is not her province, where a free choice of spots to place her yoga mat is guaranteed. Is there any plan B??

The receptionist lets her in. JAAAAA! YOGA! JAY! First series, here she comes!

She jumps into her leggins, flys up to the first floor und rolls out a mat, she is ready for some action, now! Ready to empty out for a relaxed, comfy evening, covered in cool equanimity. Padmasana, she is arriving, scanning the room. There is a pregnant woman on a bolster, strange, a thought comes up, she shakes it away, she is not in the wrong class, there are two men in the front row. Eyes closed. The class will start soon.

The teacher enters the room. A man. She is happy, likes relentless, atheltic yogis who do not accept any weakness. But then there is this thought again. The online schedule said some Kathy or Susi will be teaching. There are two Shalas at this studio....Breath. Wait.

Anjali Mudra. Hands infront of the heart. „Welcome to our 2hrs Yin Yoga class“ he is saluting the community. „NO! You can’t be seriouse, not tonight, man!!“ her monkeys are about to 
burst in flames. She wants to cry. No Yin Yoga, she is too fussed, he can’t do that to her! Desperate. Helpless. Angry.

Well, this does not help at all. She's calming herself, for some reason she was led into this class, so her job is to surrender and establish gratitude. She will accept with joy. 

They chant OM. Loud and long. Beautiful. For the first time in 2 weeks her head feels empty. Face and brains are softening. Balasana, childspose, grounding, calming. They hold the pose long. Extra long.
Anahatasa, heartopening, all heads are down. Nobody watching. 

She waves at the teacher „Please send me out bevore 8, sorry and thanks. I planed on a vinyasa class, but this here is ecxactly what i needed.“ Her heart is all soft. He nods, a bit confused.
Head empty. Heart open and peaceful. Yin Yoga after all. Nice.

And just what she needed after a busy day at work, why would she want to mobilise even more Yang energy when sorftness and yiny, female, calm power are, for sure, more adequate in this case.

Yin Yoga.....

The principles of Yin and Yang describe antagonisms which comlpete each other everywhere in nature. Ther is no Yin without Yang, no light without shadow....

Muscles as an elastic tissue have Yang quality. Unelastic connective tissue has Yin quality. By practicing yoga asanas we want to work with muscles and connective tissue. Dynamic styles like Ashtanga and Vinyasa aim primarly for muscles and their strenghtening. Dynamic styles support the Yang energy in us, we can balance ourselfes by practicing Yin Yoga, lets say once a week or twice a month.
In a Yin Yoga practice asanas are held longer than usually. This requires a sustainable change in the tissue as it won’t happen by only practicing dynamic styles. Continuous pressure and the heat that comes along provide a relief, layer by layer, we will drift deeper into our bodies.
Factor time is important here, gravity takes over and so the yogi can come back to his/her breath. The longer one can stay in an asana the clearer the sight at the upcomming emotions and sensations gets. And this is yoga. We don’t run away as soon as it get uncomfortabel, we stick with the breath and face what ever comes up. Tissue turns into wax, gets smooth and shapeable, a freer bloosstream provides better metabolism.
I recommend Yin Yoga to all those who refuse when they first hear about it ;)
Seriously, this gentle way of doing exercises garanties a efficient, balancing practice for beginners and others. For sure Yin Yoga is interesting for movement seekers and elderly people, who want to start moving again or more. Besides Yin Yoga is great in rehabilitaion an after OPs, here you sure will take your time to find a well educated teacher who you trust.
We get what we need, even if we don’t recognise the reason at first sight.

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