Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2013

Thank you for the food, my lord!

this week the friday cook show happens already on thursday!!

By the way, I found out more about these sweet&sour new little "apples".
Indeed they are called apples, didn 't understand wrong....Otaheite Apple or Malay Apple is their full name. They may be used as a remedy for diabetes?? and constipation!!

Read more:

and this is how my sunnyummy fruit salat turned out:


  1. Hi my dier,
    **mhmm** se best cook-show ei´ve ever seen :) do kriegt ma mega-gusta!!
    I want to hear more äbout Malay Apples -> my new friends ;)
    Do you come bäck with lots of yummy recipes ??**once again: mhmmmmmmmmm**
    Gfrei mi scho auf eich :)
    Many Kisses :*

  2. sänk ju 4 sä mässatsch!
    more info on malay apples comming up soon!!