Dienstag, 5. Februar 2013

The Broken Record Syndrome

I’m amazed about how good all this meditation indeed works for me in order to deal with my enviroment.

This one day I went to this crowded, tourist party beach, in Montego Bay, can’t tell why I did that, I guess it was the easiest to acess or find at this moment. So I sat down right in front of a huge bouncing loudspeaker, they were all over the place, no way to escape from the music, if I wanted to stay I had to deal with Gangam Style & Co....so I tuned in, I imersed into the story my beach lecture was telling me. I was all there. Until something glowing hit me and burned my skin, I realized I was sitting in a huge human circle with a jamaican doing a traditional show fire dance in the middle of this circle. Jeez. Time to jump up and run off...

Yesterday I was on the sardine bus from Montego Bay to Kingston. Schedules don’t exist here, the bus leaves when it is full, sustainable idea, like it. So I was happy to see, me and my french rasta travel buddy got the last two seats, ready to go, I was thiking, but the jamaican conductor would fit in quite a few more people as i found out. 20 seats easily fit 100 people....OMG. Me sitting all the way in the back of this can, even the aisle in the middle was turned into seats. No exit. Stucked.

„We stay!!“ brain, begging.
„We go surfing...“ heart answers, clam.
„Come down, both“ spirit interferes „let me breath us, we’ll be alright“.

The bus started to roll, yess!! First on the highway than through Jamaicas beautiful, healthy, green and jucy jungle heart in the mountains, what a cleansing busride I thought, while shook in the sardine charriot. I’m glad I didn’t miss out on that!

Made it to Jamnesia Surf Camp, http://jamnesiasurf.com, a colorful, crazy place, welcoming me with live reagge music and friendly, barking dogs. Sweet and barking, and that is what they would be doing all night long....I realized that fact when I sneaked into my sleeping bag, all ready to drift away. I had to deal here with a broken record. mphf.
bark.bark.bark. wau.wau.wau bark.bark wau.wau
the good thing about barking dogs is, they do not expect you to answer.
So SURRENDER, do not react to upcomming thoughts. I fell asleep, woke up every once in a while, but hey, after all I had a refreshing sleep, deep and sweet like a baby.

What’s the point?
It is all to about recognizing the riptide, to say it in surfers words. ( same toughts, habits, patterns, again and again and again) Don't wait for the lifeguards rescuing arms....he might come and pull us out, but for sure we will get stuck again, in the same situations, with the same monkeys in the mind....so better learn how swimm sideways to the shore, which means to take over responisibility. Face what is distracting and disturbing and find a way to deal with, a solution, a new perspective to the situation. Participate in life.



no swell today......
but sure a good place to play with balance and have fun while doing core work on a mini malibu.

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