Montag, 18. Februar 2013

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I thought I was the only one who ever did that.
But the more I’m talking about it, and about how much I’m wondering about my own behavior, the more poeple are sharing stories about similar constellations with me.

For many years I was in a relationship which seemed to me like it could never last for good, from the first day on. Why are we humans doing that?

Because scociety expects us to have a partner, this is why we try to deal with the average, with boredom. We stick to it no matter what, we try "to be good", find excusions and calm our selfes again and again, we are dreaming of changes... It is not poosible to change another person, we have to change ourselves, and this already is a damn hard job! Probably a lifetime job. We expect influences from outside to make our situations better, like vacations, new apartments, babies, etc., these shall bring us closer, deep inside, we know, it will never happen this way.

But still it feels save and good to have a partner. So we curl up on this comfortable couch of social expectations, a numb feeling and half-heartedness slows us down, the yogic idea of serenity delivers an inviting pillow to rest, right into our comfort zone.

Why change it’s not that bad after all?.....YAAWHHN. 

Because we underestimate our own worth. This is not about being better than anyone or about deserving anything better, it is about being self-confident and clear enough to see that we can still jump off this train, and also that we are allowed to do so, even if it seems like we have already travelled too far on this journey. It is never to late. NEVER.

Imagine how good it will feel to take a refreshing, courageous jump into the unknown. Find the RESET button to start over. Wiser and way more aware of personal desires, now able to name them and stand up for them.

Why compromises?

What if we recognize ourselves as childs of the divine? We are great as we are, we are unique and adorable! Only superlatives will serve, nothing average will ever satisfy, in terms of love.

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100% love
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Na mas te.


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