Freitag, 18. Januar 2013

Thank you for the food, my Lord!

It's healing, it's healing, it's healing us....

Friday again. And here comes my recipe of the week. It's raw and don't worry eating raw once in a while, even in european winter is NOT gonna kill you! You will feel fresh and light, exactly as the veggies you ate. Better give it a try!

What you need:

"Pasta" al bosque

(2 servings)

1 Zucchini
2 Tomatoes
grated Nuts
Seeds or Sprouts
Sea Salt
Flaxseed Oil

Use a peeler to slice the zucchini, you want to be able to read a magazine through your zuchhini pasta, so get these slices really thin. The jucy middle part you cut up into little cubes and add it to the salsa or keep it in the fridge if you have an creative idea for the next day, that's up 2 u!

Get a shaker and put tomatoes in, add 3 - 4 tablespoons flaxseed oil, sea salt and mix.

Slice mushrooms and olives. Cut prasley. Dig a handfull of seeds out of the pomegranate. Add these ingredients to your prepared salsa and stir gently.

Arrange zucchini pasta neatly on a plate and cover with a lot of salsa, if you feel like drown it, IT IS DELICOUS! Instead of parmesan sprinkle nuts and/ or sprouts/ seeds on top, make it look nice and even more yummy :)


let me introduce my new sweet sour friend:

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