Freitag, 11. Januar 2013

Thank you for the food, my Lord!

Thank you for the food. It's healing, it's healing, it's healing us!

At this point I will publish, from today on, on every friday one delicious vegan recipe.

Check in and get inspired. Feel free to share your cooking experience with me and let me know when you are dreaming or graving for seasonal desserts, yummy salat compositions or raw delights.

Todays Menue:

Kale Fajitas

Kale leaves
Mushrooms, sauted or raw

Boil Quinoa in salty water, till the peel separates from the core. While boiling place the kale leaves on top of the pot, to soften them. The softer they get the easier it will be later to roll the fajitas.

Meanwhile cut the tomato, parsley, mushrooms and smash the avo, ad some salt or prepare it in your favorite guacamole style. Season as you love it.

Place the kale leaves on a plate, with the hard middle part create a "spine" so you have a proper base to wrap around. Spread avo cream first, add tomato slices and mushrooms, last but not least comes quinoa.

Less is more, don't forget you want to roll this fajita up and eat with your hands. Start folding your fajita from the bottom than fold the sides. Enjoy. And roll your next.

the cure is in the kitchen.

Massive love.

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