Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

Just Yoga likes rock music, what did you think?

If the train does not stop at your station, it is not your train - I guess this quote is also valid if the train departs before one could hop on....

So it happend the other day that I missed my train, not my train I though as I realized I had to learn a  lesson from the universe. I walked downstairs, had to wait for 20 minutes till the next train would come to take me home, hoping it would be warmer downstairs.

A young guy stopped me, asking if I speak english.
„I do“ I confirmed „how can I help you?“
„blablablaRockresortblablabla“ - is what I understood, surprised by his accent.
Rockresort is a trendy hotel in Laax, I tought this is where he wanted to go and started to explain directions.
„If you listen to rockmusic?“ he asked again.
„Ah, well, rockmusic?“ I was thinking, do I? I listen to all sorts of music, all the time, what in particular, does rockmusic mean? long as there is no panflute playing... ;) ok, I guess I also listen to rockmusic.
„What is this question about?“ I asked, concerned.
„We are a young, rockband from Estonia, travelling through Europe“ he presses a CD into my hands „if you are interested in supporting us by buying our CD we sure will appreciate“ and much more text followed.

I liked their style, I like fresh projects and I sure love to support real people, I also discovered an OM on the cover, so these guys must be good people.
„Let me have one of your CDs“ I had to end his prolog, didn’t want to miss the next train...

I put on my brand new CD as soon as I arrived at the apartment, happy that I still knew how to run a CD player, and listened to track number 8 first, Infinity, titel sounds good, sound even better.

I’m now a fan of "Knock-out in 8 seconds". Thank you, minu mehed!

Of course I bought one of their CDs.
Who knows better than I how hard it is to be accepted in a certain scene. How many emails do I have to write to finally get invited by a studio; which is open to give willing teachers the chance to share their light. How many times did I have to hear things like, „see, if you were XYZ, (some well known yogateacher), you could teach at our studio, but nowbody knows you, so sorry, we don’ t need you here“. I wonder if they think XYZ fell from heaven and was famous?

Ladies and gentlemen, I won’t give up, WE won’t give up J

And, lucky us, there is always open hearts and friendly minds who don’t care where one comes from and what ones reputations are, they support because they recognize the light within people.

Massive thanks and love to those who support unconditionally!!

We are unity. YOGA.


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