Freitag, 16. August 2013

Taking the Monkeys outdoors

My monkeys need walls in order not to run off during my asana practice. This is why I thought outdoor yoga is not for us, not for me and these wild ones on my mind, way too hard too focus and let go…. I also thought I have to keep my practice private, don’t want anyone to see me when I do my practice, etc.

Recently it happened that I found myself upside down, folded over an acroyogis feet in the park of an european capital. Summer in the city! Lovely. It was the day after the BarcelonaYoga conference and I was planning to meet an austrian friend in this particular park to gather and jam with more acroyogis. A different world for me, outdoors and interacting during practice. So I was flying, fully trusting into my base, eyes closed and tuned in. My monkeys all calm and relaxed. Impressive. After my physical landing, but still stoked I flew over to a Jivamukti class with another yogini I met at the yoga convention. Yes, the city was still full of LOVE and aspirants ☺.
Sun salutations, a warrior flow, inversions, we did it all and at the end I realized, I was still outdoors, actually I think one oft he few spanish summer raindrops fell on my closed eyelid during savasana and brought me back to July 2013. Hola!!
It must be the shanga, the community, the connection, the ability and the willing to open up that made it possible for me to practice „in public“. Huge hugs and thanks to all the yogis who spent this afternoon with me!!! – so, for now I highly recommend to find some peers to practice outdoors, in the wild, by the sea, on the roof, wherever, breath fresh air and soak up sun rays.
Enjoy the summer, and if you want to extend it, come and practice with us in Algarve in october!!


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