Samstag, 23. März 2013

Do more of what makes you happy!

I felt guilty the last couple weeks.
I’m getting ready for a move, for a step into the unknown and before that there are many things to organize and to let go off. So my schedule is pretty tight these days, which means I don’t feel like getting on the yoga mat every day.

Shame on me.
I was asking myself, how can I still share my practice with interested seekers, if I do not even have a practice?
Contemplating this, I was remembering the yamas and niyamas. A yogic guideline with social and personal rules.

I do my personal very best to follow the yamas and niyamas.
In order to sharing a practice, which is, as I taught, at the moment not there - I totally changed my mind - I got a word to share, a message.
I want to inspire people to follow a healthy, conscious lifestyle, full of love and happiness. I do believe this is possible for everyone. And it has nothing to do with handstands and jump troughs.

If you ask me, it is about

  • Staying aware about personal patterns. Being brave and adjust or change -constantly. 
  • Willingness and openness to learn. As long as we have human bodies we design our daily life         much more exciting, interesting and peaceful if we stay interested and learn to listen.
  • Creating a shanga. A personal network of like minded friends, to share interests and experiences. Without having to explain oneself, which is important to refresh and stimulate and the spirit in order to awaken and relax the mind.
  • About stopping the personal environmental pollution, and talking about it.
  • Taking over full responsibility. Neither family, friends, therapists or bank accounts are responsible for personal happiness – it’s always us.

Read here about the YAMAS and NIYAMAS:

1. Ahimsa. Non violence. Check.
2. Satya. Truthfulness. Check.
3. Asteya. Not stealing. Check.
4. Aparigraha. Modesty. Check.
5. Brahmacharia. Recognizing the same essence in everything. Check

1. Saucha. Purity. CHECK.
2. Santosha. Contentment. CHECK.
3. Tapas. Stay in shape. CHECK.
4. Svadhyaya. Study / observe, texts / self. CHECK.
5. Ishvarapranidhana. Devotion. No doubts. CHECK.

And never forget – MOVEMENT (at large) IS MEDICINE!


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