Freitag, 8. Februar 2013

Movement as Medicine.

What does this mean to me?
Movement, call it sport if you feel like, snowboarding, surfing, asana practice, literally saved my life in the late 90s. When it took me away from the disorientation, frustration and crazieness of my adolescense. Eating dissorders and poisoning substances were to cut off the connection with my body completely. 

Movement brought me back on track, it made me feel my body, it made me feel good, strong and healthy even if I had bruces all over my surface, I had found something to focus my mind on, a practice, a challenge and so much more....
I am full of gratitude that I found support here! Movement is so easy to access, it is always there for us and we actually don’t need anything, of course it is fun to play with toys like boards, balls, bikes, kites etc. but actually, as long as we can breath we have everything we need for a work out. 

Just never stop to move!!
You might be tired on some days and not in the mood, but be honest, did you ever feel sorry, bad or even worse after sport? I bet not, keep that in your mind! Think of fresh o2 which will be brought to your system, will be transported from your lungs to every single cell of your organism, by exercising you thunder your metabolism, flush out what is used and doesn’t serve anylonger.


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