Dienstag, 12. Februar 2013


After two weeks in the area I figured out quite a few things, first: Jamaica is an island, yess :) and everything is in about walking distance.....if one like me, enjoys to walk. 
No more taxi drivers would rip me off here, I’d rather slender to the airport....and I had enough time for a little good bye chat with my favorite coconut distributeur! As a good bye present for the road/air he gave me some delicious sugarcane. And it seemed to me with sugarcane hangin’ cool in one corner of my mouth it was a lot easier to negotiate, I got a better price, don’t know why though, might be because the driver thought I look cool or completely nuts, walking in jeans with a snowboard jacket under the arm and pulling a suitcase on the street. Whatever it was....please try sugarcane, it’s really good and naturally sweet.

Welcome to Miami.

As romantic as I get.

Picture taken at Mount Salem, which is more a hill than a mountain, I stayed there during the yoga conference. For fair priced accomodation please check in with Steve. http://www.bethelcourt.com The place is simple and super clean!! Free WiFi provided and Route Taxis passing by the house. (look for route taxis, these are the cheapest vehicles to get around in town, they are shared and fast, you hop on and off, and you get to talk to locals!)

On the bus through Jamaica's green heart.
stunning views, trust me!

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